Once you learn these 7 hard truths about relationships, you’ll be much wiser

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We all strive for authentic relationships, but in a world of social media and technology, these relationships are hard to find.

We meet people on dating apps or Facebook, but these connections tend to lack a necessary dose of human intimacy.

You might work together with people in a crowded office building, but communication is mainly focused on work-orientated things.

You may be lucky enough to have friends and family, but these relationships are often taking a hit thanks to social media and our busyness.

So, the question is:

What does it take to create an authentic and meaningful relationship?

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our relationships is denying the truth. We deny the truth about how we really are. We deny our mistakes and how little effort we’re actually putting into our relationships.

The good news is, we can change. All of us can.

Right here, right now we can start by admitting that…

1) We Judge Those Who Oppose Our Views

The first truth to note is how judgmental a person can be. There is nothing to learn if everything because with a judgmental glance.

Why not take the opportunity to learn about the other person? Why not dig deeper and see the goldmine of information that is under the surface?

Many refuse to do this and continue to judge.  Be ready to learn and listen because there is a wealth of information if you take the time to ask.

2) Dwell On Their Weaknesses

This is a universal truth for people who start to focus on a person’s weaknesses. Relationships shouldn’t be about someone’s deficiencies because everyone has them. Instead, it is smarter to highlight their strengths and magnify them as much as possible.

This is how one can feel good about their position in the relationship and how healthy it is.

Until that takes place, the relationship is never able to flourish and provide value to you as a person.

3) We Gossip About Them

It’s easy to sit down and speak poorly of someone else. Look to sit down with those in your life to see how they converse about others. If they do this about others, why can’t they do it to you down the road?

The same applies to you while sitting down.

If you are not able to keep gossip out of your life, it is going to drain everything out of you until there is nothing left. Many people forget this and give in to the short-term value gossip provides.

3) We Hide Our Flaws From Everyone

Each person has three versions. The first version is what strangers see, the second version is what your loved ones see, and the last version is the real you. This version is the one only you are aware of.

You hide those flaws from everyone. You don’t let anyone in on them.

It doesn’t matter if they’re your parents, spouse, or child. They will never hear about those flaws.  This is why it is essential to look into opening up and sharing these important parts of your life.

Imperfections are okay because everyone has them.

4) We Try To Fix Them

People often try to fix the other person. This can be something as simple as the clothes they wear or how they present themselves in public. However, it is essential to understand fixing them is not the solution.

It is important to accept them and learn to care for who they are as a person.

Growth will occur, and they will change, but it should never be forced. Organic change is far better and appropriate.

5) We Resist Change

A beautiful relationship is one where change will arise. This is a part of any healthy relationship, and that will never change.

If a relationship breaks apart because of this change, then that was bound to happen regardless.

Resisting change never makes sense and isn’t the route to take. It’s critical to accept this as reality.

6) We Care About Our Failed Relationships

Yes, your middle school girlfriend has something important to teach you. Every relationship brings with it a set of life lessons that carry into a future relationship. This continues forever and that will never change.

People grow, and you do care about your failed relationships.

Yes, you won’t hinge on them or look to speak to those people but the lessons you learned remain in your mind forever. They become a part of who you are.

7) We Take Many Things Personally

It can be something simple, but it can start to dig a hole in your mind. Many people take things personally and then mull over them for days, weeks, or years. It can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction and constant worry depending on what you have taken personally.

This is why it becomes necessary to ignore what others are saying and focus on oneself.

These are the important relationship truths people are unwilling to admit whether it’s with their significant other or someone else. Relationships take time to build and appreciate, but these truths remain. It is important to accept them and realize change starts here. These truths don’t have to be your truths as long as you accept them and make appropriate changes to your mindset.