Here’s why so many toxic men are drawn to you

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Ever sat down and wondered why toxic men are drawn to you?

Certain people are attracted to toxic individuals more than others, and there are reasons for this particular phenomenon.

For those who are in this predicament and want to make changes, you’ll need to know what those reasons are.

Let’s take a look at the key reasons these men continue to flock around you and wreak havoc in your life with reckless abandon.

1) You Always Give The Benefit Of The Doubt

Do you think he’s lying but don’t want to confront him? Perhaps, he was out late last night, and you think he was partying, but he says he wasn’t. This is a universal reality that women get suckered into, and it can lead to devastating results in the long-term. You start to give him the benefit of the doubt, and he’ll keep enjoying it for as long as he can.

Yes, it is important to trust him as you would with any man but not to the point where you’re being manipulated.

The benefit of the doubt should be reserved for particular occasions, and it is your duty to do your due diligence at all times. It’s even more important to do this if he is unwilling to reciprocate this trust.

2) You Are Too Nice

Are you too polite? This can happen where you let the man take advantage of you because you’re far too civil.

For example, if he stands you up on a date night, is that something you should continue to brush off? It is fine to do it once but there is a way to do it, and if it becomes repetitive, you have to shut things down. Toxic men will continue to take advantage of this reality for as long as possible. They will continue to stand you up or lie to your face.

You can never turn into a mere doormat for them.

3) You Love Fixing Things

Do you look to fix men? This is a common occurrence where women know there are specific issues with him (i.e. drugs, booze, women) but assume they’ll be the ones who are going to bring about change. Well, you are in for a surprise because that is what toxic men want. They are going to enjoy continuing to do as they please while still having you around.

You will brush things off because you’re the one who is unable to fix him. However, you have to realize the problem is with him and you shouldn’t have to fix him at any stage of the relationship.

A damaged person isn’t going to get better because you fixed him.

4) You Think There’s Hope For Change

Yes, you can become their crutch because you have positive habits. For example, perhaps you are someone who doesn’t drink alcohol while he’s a recovering addict. This can lead to a world of trouble because they’ll assume your good habits will rub off on them.

Sure, they might rub off on them for a while because that’s never enough.

They will go back to how they were in a jiffy as soon as they get the opportunity. In the end, you are the one who is going to lose, and it’s because you were okay with being their hope for change.

5) You Don’t Expect Love In Return

Some women have a negative view of what “love” means in their life. This unfortunate definition of love where things are one-sided or not desirable can lead to toxic men finding their way into your life. It is important to shun this mindset and ensure you are expecting love in return. The purpose of a relationship is to have a two-way setup where the love is mutual. You shouldn’t have to ask for it nor should you have to avoid it.

A toxic man can take advantage of this mindset because they don’t wish to provide love and want the simple benefits of being with a woman. This is all their mind veers towards, and they prefer it that way.

In the end, toxic men should be spotted as soon as they try to enter your lives. There is never a good reason to let them become your partner because it’s not worth the hassle and you deserve far better.