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Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. If we continue on our current path, we risk becoming its slaves. The way forward is to empower humans to share their ideas – our key differentiator from machines.

This is how we can make the current era an age of ideas so that the next era will be an age of humanity.

What is Ideapod?

We have created a social network for everyone to share their ideas at ideapod.com. Anyone can join and share ideas in 1000 characters or 40 second videos via the iPhone app.

Ideas can be thoughts on anything. From what inspires you in life, to ideas about work, technology, or even the universe. We currently have 40,000 registered users who have shared over 15,000 ideas with over 100,000 interactions on a huge range of topics!

We also write longer articles at Ideapod’s blog, The Power of Ideas. This is where you are now. Our team of writers create content which is designed to provoke conversations which continue at ideapod.com.

The Power of Ideas gets over 1.5 million unique monthly visitors and is growing fast.

Soon we are launching the Ideapod Marketplace, where we’ll host products and services designed to help you expand your mind and turn ideas into reality.

We also run thought leadership programs where we help organizations to build deeper relationships with thought leaders and the Ideapod community. We’ve worked with the United Nations, Virgin and more.

The Power of Ideas

In November 2016 we created a blog to share ideas worth discussing. Since then our articles have been viewed by over 3 million people.

The articles we share are intended to give exposure to perspectives that ignite conversation and don’t necessarily represent the views of Ideapod. We value the exchange of ideas through conversation, and aim for the conversations to continue on Ideapod.

To get in touch, contact hello at ideapod dot com.