There are 16 circles in this image and most people can’t find them

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When you look at the pattern below, what can you see? Lots of lines and boxes, right?

That’s right. But do you also see the sixteen circles?

It sounds crazy, but they’re there.

It’s called the Coffer Illusion and was a finalist in the 2006 Best Illusion of the Year Contest. Anthony Norcia from the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research created it, naming it the Coffer Illusion in reference to an architectural term used to describe a series of sunken panels in various shapes.

The picture was recently uploaded on Reddit by i124nk8 and it’s been confusing thousands of people ever since!

The world is full of optical illusions and things aren’t always what they appear. Our mind is constantly trying to make sense of the world around us and it takes shortcuts to rapidly process the incredible amount of information available to us in every moment.

Usually, these shortcuts help us to process information. But it causes us to make mistakes sometimes and miss valuable information, as you’ll see when you look for the circles below.

There’s no magic involved. Once you know what to look for, the sixteen circles will be easy to see. Let us know in the comments whether you can find them and share some hints so others know what to look for!